New WIDER Printed Backdrops 2.72m Wide!

Introducing our 'Grand' range of sizes

New Larger Sizes from Baby Prop Shop

We have been so excited to tell you all about this as we finalised all the details. We are very pleased to now be able to offer our amazing printed backdrops up to 8.92ft (2.72m) wide and a massive 20ft long!
8.92ft (2.72m) is the width of seamless paper, meaning you can hang your printed backdrop on your existing backdrop system, or use our popular Magnet Kits instead.
We also have 6ft Wide backdrops available, and hoping to add 7ft soon.
These backdrops are still printed on our amazing PolyFabric you all love with us here at Baby Prop Shop.
We are starting to get to work on the website for a special section for these, but you can now order almost any of our designs in these new larger sizes if you pop us a message!

Sizes and Prices

6ft x 10ft
6ft Wide x 10ft Long
Perfect for Wider Floordrops
(1.82m x 3.04m)
8.9ft x 8.9ft
8.92ft Wide x 8.92ft Long
Perfect for Families and Bumps
(2.72m x 2.72m)
8.9ft x 15ft
8.92ft Wide x 15ft Long
Full width with a floor section too
(2.72m x 4.57m)
8.9ft x 20ft
8.92ft Wide x 20ft Long
Super long, ideal for roller systems
(2.72m x 6.04m)

We are also looking at the option to add some additional sizes at 7ft in width – so watch this space if you need that size. Grand sized backdrops have a £24 delivery cost per order. All prices include VAT.

How to Order

We are working hard to update the website to have its own section for the Grand sizes – but until then we can process your orders manually, just pop us a message or email. Virtually all of our designs are available in the new Grand sizes!

Our Grand sized backdrops are printed and fulfilled by Click, using our amazing designs and printed on our stunning PolyFabric media. As they are shipped separately to our standard sizes, orders that contain both standard and Grand sized backdrops will have separate shipping fees.