Professional Photography requires professional tools and accessories. We have over 20 years combined experience of being professional photographers working in the UK, and have got to know our industry pretty well.

We understand that quality, reliability and service are at the heart of our industry, and strive to make sure we provide all of those things to our clients and customers.

The material we use for our printed backdrops has been chosen specifically with usability in mind. PolyFabric is an amazing material, as it doesn’t reflect like vinyl, yet can still be wiped clean if it gets dirty. On top of that, it is extremely forgiving, and doesn’t crease easily like paper backdrops, making hanging and storage is much easier.

As we grow the business with new designs and ideas, and take it in new directions – we would love to hear from you with any ideas or feedback you may have. You are what drives our business, and we want to make sure we continue to deliver what you need.
Keep in touch over on our Facebook Page or in our Facebook Community Group where there is a wealth of information from some world leading photographers.

Arty Partner

Aimiee is the creative partner at BPS. She’s a multi award winning Newborn and Portrait photographer with a background in fine art.

Techy Partner

As well as being behind the camera for Newborn sessions, Ant handles the printing and techy side of the business.