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What is the difference between Backdrops and Floordrops?

‘Backdrops’ can be used as either a backdrop in a photo, or a floor in a photo. They are usually of a single design that can be integrated with another backdrop, or your existing floor.
A ‘Floordrop’ is designed to be both your Backdrop AND your Floor. You hang the Floordrop so that the centre folds at floor level, to give you a full scene for your photograph.
Checkout our ‘Videos’ page for upcoming demonstrations of the differences.

Most of our Backdrop and Floordrop sizes are measured in feet.
The majority are available in either a 4ft or 5ft option.
The approcimate conversion to metric measurements are below:

4ft = 122cm
5ft = 152cm
6ft = 182cm
7ft = 213cm
8ft = 244cm
10ft = 305cm

Our backdrops are made from PolyFabric. It is a non-glare finish which is perfect for photography backdrops, floor and floordrops. PolyFabric is wipe cleanable and does not crease easily.

Camera settings, lighting, post processing techniques and monitor differences can all change how a backdrop photographs. While we take every care to match the final product to the image(s) seen on the website, many factors can change how they look to the eye or a camera.
If you have any questions, please contact us before ordering, as we cannot accept returns due to these subtle variances.

We offer two finished on our backdrops and floordrops. We can either leave your backdrop loose, or mount it to a 50mm cardcore. If you are planning on also using your backdrop as a floor, we recommend not chosing the cardcore option.
You can clip your backdrop to standard backdrop stands, pin them to a wall, use magnetic systems – or if you opt for the cardcore option, you can mount them to your existing backdrop support system.

Checkout our videos section for some upcoming demo videos on mounting systems for the backdrops.

We recommend that you use a cloth or a sponge with warm water. Please do not use an abrasive cloth or scrub the backdrops as the design will fade over time. Please do NOT use bleach products!
If you use your backdrops or floodrops in cakesmash sessions, please be sure to clean them quickly afterwards to help prevent the cake dye stain the material.

Our backdrops and floordrops are hard wearing, but they will mark if scuffed, so please take care when using them.

We do not guarantee that they wont mark, but many photographers do use our floordrops for cake smashes, as the material is wipe cleanable, but does not produce glare. Please make sure you clean the backdrop as soon as possible, as some cake dye will stain the material.

As backdrops are printed to order, we only accept returns if the backdrop or floordrop is damaged or has a defect. If you have any queries, please get in touch before ordering, as we cannot accept returns based on products not as expected due to slight colour differences.

We aim to have all orders delivered within 7-10 working days. If we are aware of an expected delay, we will post details of this on our website. If you are in a rush, get in touch first and we will see what we can do!

We try to keep our shipping costs as low as possible. Due to the size of the packages, we are very limited with which courier services we can use. We have made sure we only use those with a great reputation here in the UK and Overseas.

Mainland UK Delivery Prices

Mini Backdrops & Accessories: £4.99
Backdrops & Floordrops: £12.98

International Shipping
We are still building our international shipping rates, so if your address tells you there is ‘no shipping available’ then please get in touch with us, and we will work out the price for you manually.

Remote Areas
Some areas, such as islands and very remote areas, cost more to deliver to. We try to absorb these costs as much as possible, but certain post codes may have a higher shipping charge than others.