Backdrop vs Floordrop – Whats the difference?

Printed Photography Backdrop
Printed Photography Floordrop

What’s the difference between Floordrops and Backdrops, and which do you need?

We often get asked what the differences are between our printed photography backdrops and our floordrops.

What are the similarities?

Regardless of which you choose, they will always be printed on our beautiful PolyFabric media. This means they will be non-glare and scratch and crease resistant. We use the same media, ink and printers for both our Backdrops and our Floordrops. Physically, they are exactly the same.
They can both be laid on the floor, or hung on the wall – however you usually hang your backdrops.

So what’s different?

The only difference between the two is how they are intended to be used. Our Backdrops are usually a single design element such as a wooden plank look, or an abstract colour design. They can be laid on the floor as the floor element of your scene, perfect for looking down shots with Newborns, or hung on the wall to use as a background for Newborns, Children, Families and Maternity sessions etc.

Our Floordrops are generally (at least) twice as long as our backdrop designs, with the intention that part of it will form the floor, and part of it the backdrop. The designs often consist of two design elements, such as a wooden plank floor design matched with a complimentary abstract background colour. but sometimes it’s just one design across the whole length. Of course you can still lay the whole floordrop on the floor for 2 instant ‘shooting down’ setups for Newborn photo shoots too.

The images above demonstrate the difference between our printed photography backdrops and floordrops.

Can I request a custom Floordrop design?

Sometimes you may have an idea where two of our backdrop designs would work perfectly together as a Floordrop. Always feel free to pop us a message asking for a custom design, we will do our best to create it for you!