Wooden Photography Backdrops

Wooden Printed Backdrops are amazingly versatile in a photography studio. They can be used as both floors and walls and are able to come in a wide range of styles and designs from rustic wood backdrops to white washed wood backdrops, and everything in between.

In our studio we have always had a very rustic style to our photography, so have a wide range of wooden backdrops to choose from.

Our PolyFabric material is perfect for the wooden designs, as the high quality printing means that the detail in the wood and the grain really shows through, and the non-reflective quality means that the backdrop looks realistic in your images.

If you are thinking of adding a new range of backdrops to your studio setup, we would strongly recommend including at least one wooden design. Photo Backdrops are very personal to your style, which is why we try to keep such a large range of designs available to you. Have a look below at some of our best selling Wood Backdrop designs for photographers.

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